Cajun Spiced Turkey Breast

The biggest holiday cooking challenge is always timing. When you have two turkey breasts on the menu, it’s even more challenging. This year we decided at the very last minute to cook one of the turkeys on our rotisserie grill attachment. Wow, was it excellent. If you need something swift and easy, this is a great choice.

8 pound turkey breast

Lawry’s seasoning salt

Blackened or Cajun seasoning

Rotisserie attachment and foil

Aluminum foil drip pan

Rub turkey breast with seasoning and let sit overnight.

Set your grill up for rotisserie cooking at medium heat, around 400*F. We turned off in middle burner. Skewer the turkey breast on the rotisserie attachment and wrap in foil. Cook until the internal temperature reaches 155*, removing the foil about one hour into the cooking process. Collect drippings for gravy, if you choose.

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