Jumbo Biscuit Sandwiches

No matter the occasion, these are always a hit. Easy and delicious.


1 can jumbo size refrigerator biscuits – flaky or buttermilk ( I can never open these without jumping)
Ham, deli sliced
Cheese, deli sliced

No quantities are listed, because you can make several of these or one at time. They keep well.

Prepare biscuits per directions on the can. When they are finished baking, prepare the eggs.
Lightly spray a ramekin with a cooking spray, Crack one egg in the dish and gently whisk. Microwave for about 30 seconds. or until barely firm Be careful not to over do it, or the egg will explode in your microwave. Repeat until you have the number of eggs desired, or cook a few a time. It should look like this:

While egg is cooking, split open biscuits, add sliced ham and cheese of your choice. If you prefer your cheese melted, microwave entire sandwich for about 30 seconds. Grab and go, or make it part of a breakfast buffet.

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